GAPEDIA - An Affinity Online-to-Offline Social Network for Individuals and Businesses

An Online-to-Offline Affinity Social Network for Individuals and Businesses

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Designed for getting meaningful things done
rather than just socializing.

Aggregate your personal user profile with your pictures, videos, links, and information all in one place to give you a personality and online identity (business card & resume). Quickly link to your social profiles. Perform a social search by group, individual and business name, similar interests, and location.

Create, find, and join dynamic and spontaneous interest groups. Allow your group members to post multiple events with different dates and times on your group calendar to drive user engagement and to connect you with like-minded people who happen to be available at the same time as you to collaborate.

Your calendar page acts as a meeting point to stay connected with your group members and collaborate both on and offline. Eliminate the awkwardness of meeting new people. For businesses: 1) Increase business awareness. 2) Improve customer service, organize events, and manage collaborations. 3) Make money with the skills you already have via online store.
Web-based Platform and Mobile App COMING SOON!

We Make It Easier to Get Connected!

Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline Social Interactions

Gapedia is about future events, interest groups, individuals, and businesses and connecting with them. Gapedia connects the two worlds by including face-to-face and online social interactions.